goals that make sense

  • Accessible. In order to understand what the public and what Sheriff's Office employees need, a Sheriff needs to be accessible.  Citizens should expect to hear back from their Sheriff if and when they reach out with a concern.  
  • Courthouse Security. One of the responsibilities of the Sheriff is to ensure courthouse security.  I understand there have been improvements made recently to better protect the county employees and citizens who conduct business at the courthouse.  I believe there are further improvements that can be made so that Itasca County can be a better example for other rural counties.

  • Relationships. An important role for the Sheriff is to develop and maintain relationships between the other agencies with whom the office regularly works.  These relationships ensure efficient and successful function of the duties of the Sheriff’s Office and contributes to a well run community.

  • Budget. One of the critical duties of the Sheriff is to manage the budget for the sheriff’s office.  This is something that I know concerned citizens of Itasca County care deeply about.  It is my intention to ensure that the budget is managed in a way that prioritizes the needs of the office, eliminates unnecessary spending, and ensures accountability and transparency.
  • Accountability. As Sheriff, I will be responsible for the actions, preparedness, and effectiveness for all employees of the Sheriff's Office.  I will convey clear expectations so that employees and citizens alike will know what to expect from the Sheriff's Office.

  • Fair. Treating the public and employees fairly is an essential component in fostering a healthy community.